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We at Mectalent Medical Services appreciate the privacy of the users of our services and aim to offer them a secure and reliable user experience.

This summary explains more specifically how data is collected on the web site managed by Mectalent Medical Services ( and how this data is used. Our Privacy Policy contains further detail about what personal data we collect and why we process it.


We are committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our web sites.

Our actions are based on transparency and trust.

The data that we process can be divided into information provided by the users, data based on observations concerning the use of the web services and data derived by way of analytics.

Data that is collected openly and properly benefits the users of the service without violating their privacy.

We use data to deliver and personalise services, provide customer service, develop our products and services and target our advertising appropriately.

We collect different data to ensure that our services work properly and to manage our customer relationships based on a voluntary consent given by the users.

To ensure that the service technology works properly, we gather data from the users concerning the types of terminal devices and software they deploy for using the service.

To develop the service, we monitor general usage data relating to the service, including the times and duration of use, visiting frequency and the sections of the service that were used. This information gives us insights on what the users find interesting in the service and helps us to improve the service further.


We collect the necessary personal data on the users, for the reasons stated above. The purpose for which the data is utilised determines what type of data is collected on the users in different situations.

User-given data or personally identifiable data:

Name, phone number and e-mail address.

Additional information required based on the user’s contact:

Description of service need, preferred service delivery location or service delivery date and time, and any other details relating to the service need.

Other data collected with the user’s consent.

Data on the user as observed and collected by the services:

Data on web site use and browsing, display of advertisements, clicking of advertisements.

Service landing page, device information (browser, screen resolution, operating system, mobile device model), cookie ID, IP address, User ID (a random set of numbers), session time and duration, network operator.

Use of the service is monitored with Google Analytics by a staff member designated to process personal data.

We use this software and any corresponding future software to analyse the use of the service. The services comply with the EU’s regulation on processing of personal data.

Behavioural data is collected anonymously also for the publishing platform applied with the service.

Recommendations, sharings, bookmarks, visited pages


The personal data is based on the behavioural data constructed in the service from the user’s behaviour. Furthermore, the users may give their consent to provide additional information relating to a contact or appointment, for example.

The service executes queries, and personal data may be inquired in connection with them. The context in which these personal data are used will be stated specifically to each query. The personal data may be needed for delivering a reward, or the query may be utilised to enrich the personal data of the service. The query results are stored anonymously on a protected server.

We may enrich personal data from third-party data, if the data source enables this. Personal data may be segmented based on third-party data to enhance targeting of the service (content and advertisements) as explained above. Such data sources include the Cor Group’s personal databases.


The usage analytics data collected by the service will be stored for fifty (50) months. The personal data relating to the service will be stored for twenty-four (24) months.


Personal data may be conveyed to partners of Mectalent Medical Services.

To generate usage analytics, we use the aforementioned analytics software, the producers of which are committed to protecting personal data with adequate certainty.


Cookies refer to the data saved by the service on the user’s terminal device.

The analysis services utilised by our service use cookies to identify data collected by the service (as explained above), including technical data relating to the terminal device, visiting frequency, search statements used etc. This cookie data is used anonymously to develop the service.

We use observed data (that is, data collected using cookies and other technologies) to improve our services further, display better targeted advertising and customise the contents of services and marketing messages.

Mectalent Medical Services’s advertisements may be targeted in services of such third parties as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google based on the user having visited our service.

Our web site utilises features for sharing content on various social media services. The providers of such services may collect data on content sharing in accordance with their own terms and conditions.

Use of cookies can be prevented by adjusting browser settings.


You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

The right to gain access to the data.

The right to make a complaint to a data protection authority.

The right to request a rectification of incorrect data.

The right to request a removal of data. This right does not apply to statutory registers.

The right to request a transfer of data from one system to another. This right does not apply to statutory registers.

In all of the above matters, please contact our data protection officer at


The register is maintained by Mectalent Medical Services.

Mectalent Medical Services, Saaristonkatu 22, 90100 Oulu E-mail:


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